How it all started p3

17 July 2012 

I was waiting the night before because they said 
that maybe they would release the names of the people who got accepted

but unfortunately they didn't 

I woke up on the sound of my mom talking
Something about me .. my scholarship 

Closed my eyes a little then my mom came in 

She told me to wake up since it's a big day today 
I had My Graduation Party that night

I smiled and asked her about the results 
She said Mabrook you got accepted 
Me : Where ?
Mom : Guess 
Me : UK ?! 
Mom : No
Me : umm Malta ?!
Mom : No 
Me : aaa :'( I didnt want Jordan but i will settle for it if it was 
Mom : Not Jordan either 
Me * sitting in shock * : where :S ?!!
Mom : Australia Pharmacy 

Last night I said that I would be strong 
That I don't want to ruin the excitement of being a accepted 
nor the excitement and happiness of the party 

But unfortunately I did cry xD 
I also made jokes about me crying -.-

I've accepted it later on and was happy 
God works in mysterious ways
And of course he knows what's best for me 

To be continued ...

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