How it all started p2

It was 27 June 2012 

The day that will decide how our future will be 
It either smashes your dream or carry you above the clouds !

The waiting was nerve wrecking more than all of the past days together !!
Every time they change the time it should be revealed we get more frustrated !!

Count down started ..
It's time for " al.hajraf " to sign on the paper so all grades are revealed in the system


writing down ur seat number .. ur Id number 

THEN !! 

I've started crying :) !!
My mom, aunt even my brother got shocked why am I crying like this !

Mom : why are you crying ! whats ur grade ?!!
Me : If only that 0.1 !!! *crying* 
They couldn't understand a word from what i was saying

Mom came next to me hugged me and saw the screen to see what did i get

It was 89.9 !

Cried a lot and everyone tried soothing me .. 
but that didn't make me stop -.-
my mom started telling me -thkray allah - 

Finally i got a bit calmer .. 
Now i have to submit my scholarship application 
I had already done an account since the registration 
was open from 23rd of june till 10th of july 
but since my grades wasn't out i couldn't do anything

Can't remember if it was the same day that I've 
written what I want in the application or the next
any way I still wanted to get into med !

Of course Ireland was out since I need to get 90 to apply
same thing goes to US but I didn't want it anyway :p

I applied to Medicine - Dentistry in :
UK - Malta - Jordan

And my savior my mama of course
told me to put down pharmacy 
so I chose pharmacy in : 
UK - Australia 

Since i have already prepared all the papers i need 
It didn't take much time finish and submit it 

What next ?! 
You'll know in the next post 

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