How it all started

If you read my blog often 

you would know that i've been given a scholarship

to study abroad , 
over seas to Australia 
Let me tell you the way it started :p

I took it first as a challenge when I was in middle school
I wanted to prove to everyone that I can do it
rely on my self, be independent , take responsibility 

For all I can remember I always wanted to get in the medicine industry 
I wanted to be a surgeon at first ( cardio - neuro )

My mom supported me the most ! 
But when I tell that to people around me 
they told me thats a man's major and that I wouldn't succeed as much
since a day will come that I would get married and have kids
They only suggested that I would be an OB/GYN doctor !
Just because I'm a girl !!! 

And that really pissed me off !! 

Any ways when I got to high school I was also thinking of dentistry 

In 11th grade I chose between being a surgeon or a dentist 
I chose dentistry !

I wanted to study in Ireland I even looked for the university I wanted 
and the accommodation .. 

Finished high school .. 

Waiting for our grades to come out was nerve breaking !!
Our future depended on what grade we have !

You want to know what happened next ?
Wait till the next post 

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