This is my first time to write about my own experience in the kitchen

I'll start about baking at first 

As you read you will notice the differences between the first four pictures and the last one
sorry for the bad photos btw >.<"

The reason is the ingredients of the dough is different

Also what I brushed on the dough before it cooking is different

Let's start with the First dough 

Ingredients : 

- Pastries and Logaimat mix flour 
from Kuwait flour mills & bakeries co.
*Pink color*
2 cups (200 ml)

- 1/4 cup (25 ml) oil ( veg. oil )

When you mix at first it will crumble and break
and it might not hold a lot 
but keep on mixing kneading the dough 
until it looks like one piece 
(15 min)

then put it in a bowl cover it with warm wet towel
and keep it in the microwave for at least 1/2 an hour

I would rather keep it for 1 and 1/2 or 2 hours at least

After that take the dough out and put it on a clean surface
start by kneading it again 
then spread it flat ;p
you could do it as thin as you want

For the white double cream feta cheese

I made it quite thin since it's going to be rolled 

Cut the cheese into small pieces

after you spread the dough and flatten it cut it into rectangles

by a fork or a knife cut at one end > (| | |) < stripes 
put a small piece of the cheese on the other end and start rolling ;p
I didn't close it hard because i thought cheese need space -.-

You could see the small pieces I made were good
but the bigger I wanted them to be the sillier it got -.-

As for the cheese with thyme 

cut squares or circles it doesn't matter
put some cheese in the middle 
close the dough then put little thyme above

and for the thyme 

be sure that the dough isn't so flat
so it won't get burnt easily 
also it will stay flat 

this dough won't raise as usual doughs

after that break an egg 
separate the egg white's from the yolk 
you will be using only the yolks to brush on the dough

put a little flour on the tray you want or you could use
oil spray or even brush some oil

oven heat 130 - 190

almost 20 min .. 

but keep an eye on them 
they burn easy ;p

and be sure to not put the other pastries that are rolled with the thyme pastry
since the rolled ones need more time to cook

The other dough 
in my opinion and my families this is better ;p
It's more tasty and easy to deal with

The ones with feta cheese and halloumi cheese
tasted almost like puff pastry 
but the one with thyme was regular pastry

ingredients :

 - 2 cups (200 ml) Pastry mix *pink one* from Kuwait flour mills 
- 1/4 cup ( 25 ml ) oil ( veg. oil )
- 3/4 cup ( 75 ml ) warm water 

mix well ( I prefer by hand )
then knead the dough for 15 min
cover with warm wet towel 
put it in the microwave for 2 hrs

take it out start kneading the dough again 

spread it and start cutting ;p

The things I did different here other than the dough ingredients is 

that in rolling the cheese both halloumi and feta

I rolled them tight so when they where in the oven
the water was like evaporating or so 
and gave the tenderness to the dough so it became almost like puff pastry

also I didn't roll it as much as the first one
also I brushed them with yogurt instead of egg yolks
It tasted better and also it gave a nicer color

For the thyme I had the dough thicker and didn't brush them with anything 

oven 130 - 190
Bake for almost 20 min or until it looks finished 

Ps: When you see the pastries golden brown from under
Close the oven from under and just leave it open on the top

That's it enjoy ;p

ps : this picture is taken by : @eng_juliet 

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