How it all started p8

So last time we stopped while talking about finishing everything in the clinic.

It was December 2nd, 2012

After finishing from sending the papers or should I say the file
And taking the pink paper from Mr. Khalil

We headed to the IDP office

We went in and the woman asked for :

My acceptance papers
My passport
200 KD cash for fees
The pink paper ( for reference of the medical papers that were sent by DHL )

Then she gave me an application to fill and sign when I'm done

After that we wait ...

The visa is supposed to finish most likely from 10 or 20 days till a month max

I called couple of times to check about what happened and they always answered that its under progress

January 7th, 2013

12:36 Pm  .. My phone rang

Me : Hello
IDP : Hello Ms, Fatima ?
Me : Yes .. ?
IDP : This is the IDP .. we would like to tell you that your visa has arrived
Me : Oh good thank you .. when could I pick it up ?
IDP : You could come today after 2 or tomorrow morning

I went there almost at 4 .. 10 minutes later my visa was in my hands
I was so happy I can't even tell you how !!
Such a relief !!
It gave me too much stress that it was late !!

Scanned the visa
uploaded them to the site

The next morning .. January 8th 2013

I went to MOHE to continue the rest -.-

12 something I was there .. went to the 4th floor
Australian section .. Hind was there that day
I told her I came for the financial business lol

She asked if I got my visa and uploaded it
And then asked for my ID number

After that I was done she said after 10 days it's supposed to be in my bank account
Went for the 11th floor to ask for more questions and to make sure as well
She gave me a paper with the amount of money that I should be having
And what is for what ;p

While talking to her and explaining she told me that before they had 2 ways for giving the money
Either by transferring the money to the bank account or by giving out a cheque
But the cheque was cancelled from couple of years ago

Anyways on I checked on 
Monday January 21st, 2013

And the money was in my bank account 

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