How it all started p7

This medical examination is more accurate and strict 
Since students have to study for a while in Australia so they need to do all the necessary examinations 

You will be asked to have these tests in Al.Hadi Hospital/Clinic and only there

Who ever went before knows that your passport needs to be with you plus pictures

Remember the photos I hated ? Thats the best way to get rid of them xD

They took 4 of them .. and stapled 2 on each examination paper 
Since there is 2 different tests so you know ..

So let me tell you what I did

The same day 27th of November

I went home called the clinic and asked if the doctors where there
since only 2 doctors can do the check up for us

Luckily one of them was on duty

It was so crowded !! Too much people !
Only 2 on the counter
And the lines where going as so as a snail !! maybe even slower -.-
Finally our turn came

They wanted the passport my ID .. my mom's ID also and some money
To open a file in my name and for the check up
I think they took 35 KD maybe ?!

After we paid we went inside to wait for the doctor to call us in

Other thing I didn't like is that there are no numbers for the waiting !
So you don't know how many patients are in front of you
nor if you can go somewhere and come back again

My name came up
Went in .. they asked for the papers couple of pictures
I think he took 4 if I'm not mistaken

The nurse measured my hight and weight
apparently I lost 2 kg xD
Then she took my blood pressure

Some long questions -.-
Yes or no

How many years am I going to stay

bla bla bla ...

Then he asked me to go downstairs
Take an X-Ray for my chest and a urine test

Went to pay and don't remember 
how much did the x-ray cost and urine test was for 4.5 or 6 KD I think.

So went first for the x-ray
Took out the other paper -.-
Some similar questions some new ones

Then I needed to wait a bit till they call my name

Got in .. they gave me a blue robe to change to
Remove any metal objects
Put up my hair
Wear the protection thing xD
Then stand up straight with hands on the waist to take the x-ray ;p

They told me to come take it the next day since it won't even help if I took it the same day

Went then for the urine test ..
After that I left
No more than 10 min. The doctor called
He asked me to re-do the test for some reason

I went back in 4 days and re did it

One thing that surprised me especially in a private hospital
Is that they didn't take any fees to redo the test
just because they didn't print the results
That's a plus I guess

Took my results
My x-ray
Then went back to the first doctor .. he checked everything
Then told me that I'm all done

When I wanted to go to Mr. Khalil the man who should send the results as DHL
But one guy who worked their said that he left -.-
And it was still not 7 ! they told us before that he leaves at 7 !

He also told us that all the results should be sealed and stamped
If it wasn't for him I don't know what I had done
He was the most helpful guy over their

After we sealed the envelopes and got them stamped
we talked to the doctor and asked the nice guy when will Khalil  be there

We went back the next morning got everything sent
Paid 5KD for Mr. Khalil for DHL fees

Then went to IDP ..

What happened in IDP .. You'll know in the next post ;p

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