Happy New Year 2012

A lot happened last year .. 

some good 

some bad 

Many memories have been made

some we wish we would forget

some we want to save  for life

Many people have come and go 

one who made a great impact 

one who destroyed a piece of our heart

Many dreams we had

some are still fantasies 

some became a reality 

From every moment 

From every one 

From every thing happened in the past year 

We should learn 

But never live in the shadow of the past

Instead crave for a better future

Live your day every single moment

Have fun .. Be grateful for what you have

So Let's all say our last good bye to 


And Welcome


That we hope would be a year of a lot of accomplishments 

PsWhat wishes do you plan to accomplish in this year?


بطولة ملتقى المدونين لكرة القدم

سيقيم ملتقى المدونين الاول بالكويت بطولة كبيرة لخماسيات كرة القدم في الفترة من

 25 الى 30 يناير 2011 ضمن فعاليات وأنشطة الملتقى التي تقام على مدار العام.

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