The Ideal Dream

A Dream of a Little Girl

Part Two

    Melissa was actually two months pregnant
 when she tested positive. She was just starting to notice 
the symptoms but she couldn't wait to go shopping
 for the baby. She didn't leave anything out. She bought clothes from head to toe. She started by buying two 
pairs of shoes and socks, one outfit that looked like
 a baby bear and a hat as well. She wanted to buy
 more and more but she didn't know what sex the baby was.

        Peter was very supportive of Melissa throughout her pregnancy. He put up with all her mood swings and crazy cravings. Peter was actually a good cook as well as being an accountant. He managed to cook most of Melissa's meals with a high nutritional value. He also put some food in the fridge or freezer, just incase he got home late or wasn't home, so Melissa could find something food and easy to eat. He was very careful and aware of the doctor's directions. Since Melissa had problems with keeping the fetus stable in the womb, she needed to rest and not lift any heavy things whatsoever.

To Be Continued ...