How it all started p8

So last time we stopped while talking about finishing everything in the clinic.

It was December 2nd, 2012

After finishing from sending the papers or should I say the file
And taking the pink paper from Mr. Khalil

We headed to the IDP office

We went in and the woman asked for :

My acceptance papers
My passport
200 KD cash for fees
The pink paper ( for reference of the medical papers that were sent by DHL )

Then she gave me an application to fill and sign when I'm done

After that we wait ...

The visa is supposed to finish most likely from 10 or 20 days till a month max

I called couple of times to check about what happened and they always answered that its under progress

January 7th, 2013

12:36 Pm  .. My phone rang

Me : Hello
IDP : Hello Ms, Fatima ?
Me : Yes .. ?
IDP : This is the IDP .. we would like to tell you that your visa has arrived
Me : Oh good thank you .. when could I pick it up ?
IDP : You could come today after 2 or tomorrow morning

I went there almost at 4 .. 10 minutes later my visa was in my hands
I was so happy I can't even tell you how !!
Such a relief !!
It gave me too much stress that it was late !!

Scanned the visa
uploaded them to the site

The next morning .. January 8th 2013

I went to MOHE to continue the rest -.-

12 something I was there .. went to the 4th floor
Australian section .. Hind was there that day
I told her I came for the financial business lol

She asked if I got my visa and uploaded it
And then asked for my ID number

After that I was done she said after 10 days it's supposed to be in my bank account
Went for the 11th floor to ask for more questions and to make sure as well
She gave me a paper with the amount of money that I should be having
And what is for what ;p

While talking to her and explaining she told me that before they had 2 ways for giving the money
Either by transferring the money to the bank account or by giving out a cheque
But the cheque was cancelled from couple of years ago

Anyways on I checked on 
Monday January 21st, 2013

And the money was in my bank account 


How it all started p7

This medical examination is more accurate and strict 
Since students have to study for a while in Australia so they need to do all the necessary examinations 

You will be asked to have these tests in Al.Hadi Hospital/Clinic and only there

Who ever went before knows that your passport needs to be with you plus pictures

Remember the photos I hated ? Thats the best way to get rid of them xD

They took 4 of them .. and stapled 2 on each examination paper 
Since there is 2 different tests so you know ..

So let me tell you what I did

The same day 27th of November

I went home called the clinic and asked if the doctors where there
since only 2 doctors can do the check up for us

Luckily one of them was on duty

It was so crowded !! Too much people !
Only 2 on the counter
And the lines where going as so as a snail !! maybe even slower -.-
Finally our turn came

They wanted the passport my ID .. my mom's ID also and some money
To open a file in my name and for the check up
I think they took 35 KD maybe ?!

After we paid we went inside to wait for the doctor to call us in

Other thing I didn't like is that there are no numbers for the waiting !
So you don't know how many patients are in front of you
nor if you can go somewhere and come back again

My name came up
Went in .. they asked for the papers couple of pictures
I think he took 4 if I'm not mistaken

The nurse measured my hight and weight
apparently I lost 2 kg xD
Then she took my blood pressure

Some long questions -.-
Yes or no

How many years am I going to stay

bla bla bla ...

Then he asked me to go downstairs
Take an X-Ray for my chest and a urine test

Went to pay and don't remember 
how much did the x-ray cost and urine test was for 4.5 or 6 KD I think.

So went first for the x-ray
Took out the other paper -.-
Some similar questions some new ones

Then I needed to wait a bit till they call my name

Got in .. they gave me a blue robe to change to
Remove any metal objects
Put up my hair
Wear the protection thing xD
Then stand up straight with hands on the waist to take the x-ray ;p

They told me to come take it the next day since it won't even help if I took it the same day

Went then for the urine test ..
After that I left
No more than 10 min. The doctor called
He asked me to re-do the test for some reason

I went back in 4 days and re did it

One thing that surprised me especially in a private hospital
Is that they didn't take any fees to redo the test
just because they didn't print the results
That's a plus I guess

Took my results
My x-ray
Then went back to the first doctor .. he checked everything
Then told me that I'm all done

When I wanted to go to Mr. Khalil the man who should send the results as DHL
But one guy who worked their said that he left -.-
And it was still not 7 ! they told us before that he leaves at 7 !

He also told us that all the results should be sealed and stamped
If it wasn't for him I don't know what I had done
He was the most helpful guy over their

After we sealed the envelopes and got them stamped
we talked to the doctor and asked the nice guy when will Khalil  be there

We went back the next morning got everything sent
Paid 5KD for Mr. Khalil for DHL fees

Then went to IDP ..

What happened in IDP .. You'll know in the next post ;p



اسم الكتاب : كشمير 
للكاتب : مشاري محمد العبيد
الطبعة الأولى 2012
عدد الصفحات : 233
من دار نوفا بلس

الكتاب عبارة عن مجموعة قصصية 
بالتحديد 16 قصة 

الغلاف و النبذة من الخلف : 

رأيي فيه ؟! 

عشقته !! 

شغف الكاتب تشوفونه بين حروفه .. بين سطورة .. عبر الصفحات و الكلمات 

كل ما انهيت قصة رحت للقصة اللي وراها 

انا خلصته على يومين لان اقعد اقراهم الفجر 
لو مو التعب جان مخلصته بيوم واحد ! 

كل حرف يشدك للي بعده و كل قصة أحلى من الثانية 

بهالكتاب ما قدرت اختار اي قصة افضلها لان كلهم مفضلين !! 

كلهم حلوين و كل وحده فيهم تحكي عن شي .. 
كل وحده فيهم لها روحها و نكتها الخاصة ! 

ما شاء الله الكاتب توفق بهالكتاب و ان كان عمله الاول جذي
ما اتخيل شلون بكون عمله الثاني 

للتواصل مع الكاتب عبر Twitter :



How it all started p6

It's 26th of November 2012

I had a sleep over at my mom's that night

I woke up from voices of my phone no it wasn't a phone call
It was my cousins group talking in whatsapp in the morning -.- 

With one eye opened I put my phone on Silent then went back to sleep

Not long till mom's phone rang .. 

Half awake .. Half asleep 

I hear some mumbles .. 

Finally I was fully awaked .. just as my mom almost hung up 

Mom : That was the Ministry calling you acceptance papers are finally here 
Me : Yaay Finaallyy !! Thaaank God .. So when are we taking them ?
Mom : They said to come tomorrow morning 

I've told everyone I love .. Danced the victory dance from happiness

Come on I was waiting for it for a long time now !!!

And the problem is that I had an acceptance for october but they didn't tell me nor sent it! 

This information I knew from doctor Amar since I wrote to him and he contacted Rasha 

After Rasha's reply he forwarded to me .. but if i had an acceptance once the other one should be easy in my opinion 

Anyways they know the reasons whatever they are .. I appreciate their efforts anyways 

I Got my acceptance papers and that's what's important 

so the second morning 
November 27, 2012 

Got ready and went to MOHE - Ministry of Higher Education- 

4th floor .. straight then left .. 

There were two girls there that day .. 
One I've seen before but directed me to Hind and the other one I've seen but never talked to 
Hind wasn't there that day .. 
I don't remember which girl i've talked to because .. well ..  I just don't xD

Me : Hello I'm here to take my acceptance letter .. since you contacted me yesterday
Her : What's your name ?
Me : Fatemah 
Her : Flaaanaaa check the papers inside if you have acceptance for Fatemah 
Girl : Yeah I think they printed it already I'll prepare them for you
Her : Fatemah ? Ok here is your papers
Mom : Thank you .. so what should we do now ?!
Her : Go to the IDP they'll tell you what to do when you finish come here
Me : What is the IDP ?!
Her : The IDP you don't know it ? Ok I'll give you their card 

Me looking like -.- 

The card is another story itself xD the translation sucks !! 

So I called IDP they were open till 1 

IDP by the way is the office who applies for student visa and certified to give ielts exam as well

So we went to Salmiya - Al.Rabea Complex 2nd floor 
The girl I talked in the phone came and gave me the papers I need

The papers were Medical examination papers I needed to have so I could apply for the visa

She told me to bring pink slip 
The money needed in cash 
My passport
And my acceptance paper

Then I went back home ;p

Next Post I'll start with the medical examination .. 


How it all started p5

16th of August 2012 

That is the date I had to go to the ministry 

My appointment was from 11:40 till 12 

but I finished earlier ! 

Actually I finished even before the time of the appointment ;p

It was well organized and the two ladies who were talking to us

and telling us what to do helped a lot

Even after we signed the pledge one of them talk to us about the country we're going to and what time most studies start and that we should look for universities so they could start sending applications to them.

Luckily for me I had already chosen the universities I wanted from the help of a friend of mine and even from a group on face book called Q8CA

The way I chose the universities and arranged them is on the most suggested to the least and also what I  felt when talking to the people that came here from the universities in Australia ;p. 

As the australian agency for education & training had a semi fair for some of the Australian Universities in this event at September 11, 2012 starting at 3:30PM at Al-Murjan Hall in Crown plaza

So voting results went : 
1- La trobe 
2- Griffith 
3- Monash 

Queensland I liked from the fair when I talked to the guy there
Eynesbury also seemed good 

But also I was thinking of the area I would stay in .. 

So I wrote down my choices on the site :

1- La trobe Uni.
2- Griffith Uni.
3- Uni. of Queensland

I saw in twitter people saying that we should receive an email from the cultural office or something like that so we could tell them what universities we want and so 

But I never received one .. instead after a while I sent an email to Ms. Hala the Student advisor manager checking about my acceptance and she answered back .. after a while she redirected me to my advisor Ms. Rasha and she got me my acceptance ;p 

What next ? 
You'll know in the next post 


How it all started p4

Ok so where did we stop last time ..

oh .. So our names were out 

First thing happened that i don't know even why .. 

Everyone i know have been sent a msg that they are accepted 

Except me :) !! 

We went online since we need to continue the rest of the papers

and whatever they need more and submit the information

but the system was still not updated

Second thing happened is that they sent a msg also to say what time will the system be opened so we could do our thing 

Guess what ?! 

They didn't send me this msg either !!!!!

No the phone numbers weren't wrong 
I've checked like bazillion times !

Ok now system is open :

You write what needs to be written

upload rest of the papers they want

Take a medical test 


I did a mistake regarding the date

Set the date instantly -.- the closest date you can get !!

I had a book I took before that had information about all collages and universities in kuwait and also information about studying abroad and the countries etc .. 

So one of the things that is written is taking photos 
- they need pic y3ni - 
and some other regular stuff -.-

Any ways I thought that I can't go to the Ministry except after I finish everything

but I was wrong -.- 

You can take it any time since you only go to sign a pledge with your guardian 

Let me tell you what I did ;p 

I took the pictures of course that I didn't dig much -.- 

I went to a well known photographer - I won't say where but it's in a mall - so it would look nice :) !

And what she did is make me look yellow pale 

She made the blue background bright and the shadow I had on as bright as the background !!!!!!!

My face features wasn't shown clearly as well !!!

I think that those photos were the worst photos I've ever took !

And I took like 16 photos from those if not more :) !!

Those photos I've took the night I wanted to go to the ministry 

On other hand the medical examination I took before 

exactly on 25th of July 2012

I went the day before I think to Salmya where they had written online 
that I should have my examination there but when I went there they told me that they changed it 
and now it's in Rumaithya -.-

When we arrived .. we had to complete a form 
then you go inside to the doctor
She/He checks your chest, heart and pressure 
Asks you couple of questions and then send you to get your weight, hight and eye sight checked

You want to know something funny ?!

After the sister finished checking my hight and weight ..
After the time we spend looking for where to check my eye sight 

Me : excuse me where can I check my sight ?! I can't find the place 
The guy who checked it : over here go to this room please 

We went in I gave him the application 

Him : Fatima .. what's with all the Fatima's all of you Fatima Fatima why not sawsan ?

Me * giggling looking at mom * thank god he didn't notice xD

Him * after writing down on his note or whatever it's called * : So how is your sight ?

Me : I don't know good I guess 

Him : - emm .. ok look at that board .. close your right eye tell me the directions
          - ok now close the left and read the last line 
          - it's good 

He wrote 6/6 and gave me the papers..  I thanked him then went out 

This medical examination only took 15 minutes ;p

Next post I'll tell you what happened in the ministry ...


How it all started p3

17 July 2012 

I was waiting the night before because they said 
that maybe they would release the names of the people who got accepted

but unfortunately they didn't 

I woke up on the sound of my mom talking
Something about me .. my scholarship 

Closed my eyes a little then my mom came in 

She told me to wake up since it's a big day today 
I had My Graduation Party that night

I smiled and asked her about the results 
She said Mabrook you got accepted 
Me : Where ?
Mom : Guess 
Me : UK ?! 
Mom : No
Me : umm Malta ?!
Mom : No 
Me : aaa :'( I didnt want Jordan but i will settle for it if it was 
Mom : Not Jordan either 
Me * sitting in shock * : where :S ?!!
Mom : Australia Pharmacy 

Last night I said that I would be strong 
That I don't want to ruin the excitement of being a accepted 
nor the excitement and happiness of the party 

But unfortunately I did cry xD 
I also made jokes about me crying -.-

I've accepted it later on and was happy 
God works in mysterious ways
And of course he knows what's best for me 

To be continued ...