How it all started p4

Ok so where did we stop last time ..

oh .. So our names were out 

First thing happened that i don't know even why .. 

Everyone i know have been sent a msg that they are accepted 

Except me :) !! 

We went online since we need to continue the rest of the papers

and whatever they need more and submit the information

but the system was still not updated

Second thing happened is that they sent a msg also to say what time will the system be opened so we could do our thing 

Guess what ?! 

They didn't send me this msg either !!!!!

No the phone numbers weren't wrong 
I've checked like bazillion times !

Ok now system is open :

You write what needs to be written

upload rest of the papers they want

Take a medical test 


I did a mistake regarding the date

Set the date instantly -.- the closest date you can get !!

I had a book I took before that had information about all collages and universities in kuwait and also information about studying abroad and the countries etc .. 

So one of the things that is written is taking photos 
- they need pic y3ni - 
and some other regular stuff -.-

Any ways I thought that I can't go to the Ministry except after I finish everything

but I was wrong -.- 

You can take it any time since you only go to sign a pledge with your guardian 

Let me tell you what I did ;p 

I took the pictures of course that I didn't dig much -.- 

I went to a well known photographer - I won't say where but it's in a mall - so it would look nice :) !

And what she did is make me look yellow pale 

She made the blue background bright and the shadow I had on as bright as the background !!!!!!!

My face features wasn't shown clearly as well !!!

I think that those photos were the worst photos I've ever took !

And I took like 16 photos from those if not more :) !!

Those photos I've took the night I wanted to go to the ministry 

On other hand the medical examination I took before 

exactly on 25th of July 2012

I went the day before I think to Salmya where they had written online 
that I should have my examination there but when I went there they told me that they changed it 
and now it's in Rumaithya -.-

When we arrived .. we had to complete a form 
then you go inside to the doctor
She/He checks your chest, heart and pressure 
Asks you couple of questions and then send you to get your weight, hight and eye sight checked

You want to know something funny ?!

After the sister finished checking my hight and weight ..
After the time we spend looking for where to check my eye sight 

Me : excuse me where can I check my sight ?! I can't find the place 
The guy who checked it : over here go to this room please 

We went in I gave him the application 

Him : Fatima .. what's with all the Fatima's all of you Fatima Fatima why not sawsan ?

Me * giggling looking at mom * thank god he didn't notice xD

Him * after writing down on his note or whatever it's called * : So how is your sight ?

Me : I don't know good I guess 

Him : - emm .. ok look at that board .. close your right eye tell me the directions
          - ok now close the left and read the last line 
          - it's good 

He wrote 6/6 and gave me the papers..  I thanked him then went out 

This medical examination only took 15 minutes ;p

Next post I'll tell you what happened in the ministry ...

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