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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

ادري صارلي فترة طويلة قاطعة 

مشتاقتلكم و مشتاقة أكتب بالمدونة 

و الحين دام عطلنا ان شاء الله بزهب البوستات 

اول شي بخلص بوستات السفر اللي مفروض من زمااااااااااااان مخلصين 

و بما اني ناسية الاسامي و بأي ديرة فغالباً بحط بس صور

و اللي اتذكره ان شاء الله اكتب عنه 

اليوم أول يوم عطلة رسمي 

امس خلصت امتحانات و شوي خايفة من الشهادة 

لان الامتحانات كانوا صعبين شوي :|

ان شاء الله خير 

و بعد في جم شغلة ودي اخلصها

العام ما صابت معاي بس هالسنة ان شاء الله تصير و تشاركوني فرحتي 

عندي من الحين ليي شهر ٤ بس ابي اخلص اللي اقدر عليه قبل المدرسة عشان من انشغل عن دراستي 

مادري بعد شقوول ... 

الحين نص مشوار التخرج خلص .. و يبقى النص الثاني ان شاء الله يكون احسن من الاول

و نتخرج بمعدل حلوو  و أدخل الجامعة اللي ابيها 

البوست صار وايد طويل لوول 

بوقف هني و نكمل البوست الياي 


Hiii all 

I know its been a while since i last posted anything 

i miss you all and i miss writing in the blog 

and since my spring vacation started i'll write more posts :P 

at first i want to finish the posts of the places i travelled to during summer 

and since i have forgotten where i took the pictures ..

 mostly u'll see just pictures without any stories behind them xD

and if i remembered anything i will be sure to write it 

as i said today is my official day of vacation 

i finished my exams yesterday and i'm a bit scared of the report cards

the exams were a little bit hard no kidding they were seriously hard -.- 

but i hope i did good enough 

and i have a couple of things i wish i could finish before i start school again 

it didn't happen last year but fingers crossed for this year

and when it does you sure will know as well ;P 

I have till april .. but i want to finish as much as i can before school starts 

so i won't drift away from my studies 

and now :P for more ranting xD

i have officially finished half of the way till gradtuation 

i really wish the other half would be better 

and that i would graduate with high marks 

that will make me enter what ever university i want 

And that's the end of this post :P 

Excuse my english i know it became a bit weak

 I just need to read more english books xD

c.u in the next