How it all started p5

16th of August 2012 

That is the date I had to go to the ministry 

My appointment was from 11:40 till 12 

but I finished earlier ! 

Actually I finished even before the time of the appointment ;p

It was well organized and the two ladies who were talking to us

and telling us what to do helped a lot

Even after we signed the pledge one of them talk to us about the country we're going to and what time most studies start and that we should look for universities so they could start sending applications to them.

Luckily for me I had already chosen the universities I wanted from the help of a friend of mine and even from a group on face book called Q8CA

The way I chose the universities and arranged them is on the most suggested to the least and also what I  felt when talking to the people that came here from the universities in Australia ;p. 

As the australian agency for education & training had a semi fair for some of the Australian Universities in this event at September 11, 2012 starting at 3:30PM at Al-Murjan Hall in Crown plaza

So voting results went : 
1- La trobe 
2- Griffith 
3- Monash 

Queensland I liked from the fair when I talked to the guy there
Eynesbury also seemed good 

But also I was thinking of the area I would stay in .. 

So I wrote down my choices on the site :

1- La trobe Uni.
2- Griffith Uni.
3- Uni. of Queensland

I saw in twitter people saying that we should receive an email from the cultural office or something like that so we could tell them what universities we want and so 

But I never received one .. instead after a while I sent an email to Ms. Hala the Student advisor manager checking about my acceptance and she answered back .. after a while she redirected me to my advisor Ms. Rasha and she got me my acceptance ;p 

What next ? 
You'll know in the next post 

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