My Graduation _ 18 BDay

BE AWARE : This will be a  long post 
If your not willing to read it all 
and you want to start with the party then read after 
-About the Party -

Ps: check the end of the post for the places written between 

It was on Tuesday 17/7/2012

a day I will never forget for sure 

I woke up hearing the voices outside my room then went back for a snooze

Shortly later my mom came to wake me up

I asked her if I got the scholarship or not 

since i applied and it was suppose to come out the day before.

Guess what ?!

I DID !! 

Frankly i wasn't so excited about the major i have been accepted in

I've always wanted to be either a dentist or a surgeon 

I never thought to be in pharmacy.

I spent couple of hours crying of why i didn't study more in high school

and how i didn't insist on my teachers to admit their mistake 

and redo the report card with the grade that i dissevered

and got but they "forgot" to write "by mistake"

those 2 grades in 10th grade 

and 1.5 in 11th grade 

you think it would do nothing but take it from me it does wonders !

Through the day I was okay and more accepting 

and i thanked god for this opportunity 

at the end of the day i was happy and glad for it 

and i was even more happy when i read about it 

and had even more information so really 


and i could always take a double major ;P 

- About The Party -

I actually cancelled it .. i didn't want any party anymore

but my love my mama made it as a surprise for me 

and since a already written the names of my friends 

and so it was easy to contact but unfortunately 

didn't have all the numbers to contact 

all my friends :( 

My aunts and mom invited their friends as well.

It was in *The International Hotel*

The DJ and buffet was booked from their as well
The Dj man was really friendly 
and the buffet was really big and delicious !! 
They actually booked us a room to spend the night in 

The design of the seating was amazing
and were i'm supposed to sit was amazing as well 
and it's all the design of my mom.
The theme colors were beige and silver.
we had also lasers for the hall
and lights for the stage.

you could see it in the pictures bellow later ;P 

The Flowers are from *Memories Flower shop*

They were distinctive in vases that had a snake rotating around it.
simple yet elegant 

Mom and bro went to check on everything at noon 
and my aunts and i went to the saloon 
mom came to us later. 

We did our make up and hair.
My aunts went first to the hall.

My mom and I followed later since they couldn't 
exactly do my hair the way i wanted -.-

But it looked okay anyways :p 

The party started at 8.
I went in about 10 I think 
I was a bit late unfortunately but it's good :P
I entered on a certain song 
"3la 6ari elfr7"
"7moud al5ther"

wearing my long red cocktail dress that had flowers printing

and shawl/scarf made by mom that is dear to me
she managed to sew my name 
 and year of graduation on one side
and the word graduation on another.

You could see it bellow.

I went up the stage and the first one next to me my mom for sure
hugged her real tight !!

then my friends and family came to congratulate and take pictures.

We continued the partying .. dancing and so
Said hi to everyone 
Talked to everyone 
Took pictures of course as well. 

Then time for the cake !

They came out with the cake 
that had a writing on it 
"alf mbrook elt5roj"

I don't really remember the song 
they had been playing but it was by
"Waleed Alshami"

It also had the sparkling candles I don't know what its
called and the number 18 on it

anyways after the song ended 
and i blew the candles out.

After that they gave me the big sword to cut the cake
that was really heavy !! 

My mom helped me cut the cake 

then the song that was on my name 
also played it was also sang by 
"Waleed Alshami"

The buffet was open after that with 
slow and low music

And I announced that I was accepted 
for a scholarship to Australia
for pharmacy

when dinner was over the songs started once more.

At the end i would like to thank 
everyone who came and
shared my joy and happiness.

And special thanks goes to my mom of course

I guess that it ;P

If you want to know any more information please don't hesitate.

you could write me in the comments,
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Don't forget to check the pictures
some are via insta. from family
and some are from the camera

Also if you want to see some more pictures tell me.
But i think this covers it all ;P

And check the links bellow
especially the one for the flower shop

Thanks all;;*

*The International Hotel*


Salmiya - Salem al-Mubarak street - Behind Al-Fanar complex

Tel. : (+965) 255745544 or 25741788

*Memories Flower Shop*

They also prepare for weddings and parties and all occasions really with good prices and fresh flowers.

Twitter : 


Facebook :



Hawally - Beirut Street - Next to Al-Nibari Mill
( on the corner )

Tel. : (+965) 22640405

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