Group Story 5

As the couple previous posts, this is w new short story we wrote at school .

This time we had the pictures of :
- Reading Glasses
- Spider
- Tea pot and cup
- A letter
It had been weeks that Peter
 was waiting for a letter. Today it finally arrived.
 It was a letter from his dear grandchildren who were living in Canada.They usually sent him a letter
every month but this time they were late.
He got it this morning and wanted to save it till he drank a cup of tea. He headed home,
 poured the tea into a cup and satdown.
As soon as he put on his glasses he opened it. He was very excited. He took out the letter
 and started reading when he saw a huge spider on the back of it. He was shocked
and had a heart attack.
Didn't he know that the spider was made out of rubber and it was a silly prank from his grandchildren ?
written by :
Kwaka Tu
April 16, 2013

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