A Day in my life

In this task we should write a narrative
 which is usually in the past to see how we are improving.
It could be something that happened in reality or fiction.
This is fiction by the way xD.
Hope you enjoy.
It was a lovely morning, sunny and bright.
We woke up early that day to go to a festival.
After we had finished showering,
 we made breakfast and drank some coffee
which would give us a boost of energy to start our day.
 It wasw just about 9 o'clock when
we got into the car and started the engine.
 Sarah, who was driving, had asked us to choose a variety of music that would suit us all.
As we were driving to the festival and singing a long with the music we heard the sound of a crash.
 Apparently one guy that was in a hurrydidn't notice the red lights and couldn't stop his car on time.
Both drivers were safe from any injuries but one of the cars was a little dented.
The lights turned green shortly after, so we continued our ride.
 As soon as we arrived, Sarah went to buy tickets for all the games,
Maria went to get the events schedule from the information center
which was right in the corner from the entrance and I bought ice-cream and snacks.
We had the chance to play some amazing rides,
dance with the crowd when a band played their music live on the stage, won huge prizes in contests and we even painted our faces!
At the end of the day and after we had eaten dinner,
we went home with a big smile on our faces.
 It really was an amazing day that we would never forget. 

25/ March / 2013

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