Group Story 4


As the couple previous posts, this is w new short story we wrote at school .

This time we had the pictures of :
- A hat
- A fire
- A spider
- A girl runnig
This time we had a word box that we have to choose from or use them all

The words were :

One day a girl decided to go camping alone as an adventure
so she could learn to be independent and patient.
As soon as she found a good spot,
she put up her tent and made a fire.
The fire was helpful in keeping her worm at night.
When she finally went to sleep,
a huge black spider got inside the tent without her noticing.
It climed on her face.
Her mouth was open so the spider went inside.
She quickly woke up, spat it out,
grabbed her hat and started running away.

This was written by:
Eh Mwee Say
Kwaka Tu

March 19, 2013


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