Group Story 3

As the couple previous posts, this is w new short story we wrote at school .

This time we had the pictures of : 

- A Suitcase 
- Glasses
- A Clock
- A Tree

If your new to this then let me tell you what should we do.
We have to create a story containing the pictures that are given.

It was a sunny day with nice cool wind when John was reading a book under a tree.
 He heard the ringing of a bell near by when he realized the time.
 He quickly ran home and gathered his things and his suitcase. 
He looked at the clock and it was two already. 
He had to be at the airports in half an hour. 
As soon as he arrived, he got on the plane. 
When the airplane flew he took out his book to continue reading. 
That was when he realized that he had left his glasses under the tree.

This was written by: 
Eh Mwee Say

on 25th Feb 2013

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