27. January . 2013

Had a call at night my cousin was asking me what day suits me best
Monday or Tuesday 
So we could have our last gathering before I travel 

Monday suited best !

28. January . 2013

4 PM :
Started to get ready 

6:30 PM : 
I was on my way to my cousins' place where the gathering is 

Had a semi photo shoot with cousin M.

And of course had a lot of fun 

Chit chatting here 

Music there 

Tv open for some series :P

And snacks of course !

After that it was dinner time ..

For a while I bothered them with my cravings in whatsapp group

The thing that I didn't eat was Ghouzii 

Well Surprise !! 

They had it in the buffet :p

After that I thought it's time to leave 

But apparently there was a cake also 

Took group photos 

And everyone said there wishes to me 

It was real fun 

I really enjoyed it !!

Thank you cousins for a great day to remember


Here are some pictures of the cake and buffet ;p

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