Off to Australia p2

Emirates - EK 854 - 
Kuwait - Dubai 3:50 AM
For 1:30 hours

It was AMAZING !!!!!

I met a cabin crew member that was so cute !!

Her name is Asma I talked to her a little while we were waiting to be seated.

She first asked me about my studies and which country and if its my first time and how old am I and so ;p 

She literally spoiled me and I LOVED it !! 

At first we had a seat and put our seat belts on .. 
Just about when the plane wanted to start moving .. 
Asma started giving out the monsters supposedly to the children but I got one too :p

Actually I got the purple monster but I already had it before and I had it hanged on my laptop bag :p

So I asked her if she could change it. 

Asma : Of course what color would you like ?
Me : It's ok anything blue or green it doesn't make a difference
(as I saw the tray that had the toys have blue and green colors)

She went somewhere then as she came back to check the seat belts she asked me to wait for a minute and she'll bring the toy after a bit.

Instead of bringing 1 she brought all the other colors !!
Blue - Green - Yellow the three of them !

Later she came with an instant camera and took 
1 picture me alone 
2 pictures of mom and me 

She had them put into frames and wrote me a memory above one of the pictures ♡

I was spoiled by her and the other cabin crew as well.
Especially from Asma ..
And another girl - unfortunately I don't remember her name but I remember that she had a dream to study in Paris - That gave me advice. 
Girls I really do appreciate it a lot !

Almost more than half way passed when Asma came with a goodies bag ready for us.

It had traveling samples, water and chocolates .. etc .. 
All as doubles as she said it was for me and mom.

She had this ready for me to wish me good luck 

I wrote her a thank you letter .. and she did wrote me a letter as well.. we swapped the letters while talking a bit when we wanted to go off the plane.

I'm really lucky that I met her 
And very honored that we still keep in touch.

BTW I watched the movie : Here comes the Boom on the plane 
and continued the last 15 min maybe on the other flight.

We had eggs with spinach and cheese and a sausage for breakfast with side dishes of a salad, fruits , crackers and croissant .

3:50 AM according to Kuwait Timing 

Hello Dubai !!

Next up Dubai airport ;p 

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