Off to Australia

Since I got my acceptance .. 
I didn't feel anything regarding the traveling.
My friends and family told me that I might feel things in the last week.

Well, Guess again !

I didn't xD

I felt it the day I left Kuwait.
To be exact I felt it when I hugged my grandfather 
and M. before leaving home.
Since they couldn't come to the airport 
because they need to wake up early 
and it was 1 AM already !
I held myself together so I won't cry while hugging them
 and in the car as well.

After arriving at the airport we went to check our bags .

Guess what again ?! 

I'm still 14 kg over after I took 10 kg out at home xD

I took out some stuff into other bags .. 
And some went into a bag that went back home again ;p 

Then we went to Caribou Coffee.

Ordered coffee and brownies .. 
Took pictures since it will take a long time to pass for a reunion 


We're about to get in .. 
I hugged cousin H. .. Aunt H.. and Aunt M. 
I handled to get my self together and not cry.
Then I hugged my brother F. 
And tears started to run !!

Hugged everyone again .. kisses and wishes here and there.


We're in gate 21 waiting for our turn to go in the plane.

Next post :
How was my flight ;p
Or should I say my first flight xD


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