Off to Australia p3

So Here we are again 

The plane landed at Dubai 

We have 3 and a half hours to spend in the airport

It looked different to me since I haven't been to Dubai airport since summer 2009-2010 
After 9th grade I mean

We had to check in to get our seat numbers at first 

After that we had a look around.

Went to duty free and bought a magazine and a book I'll be writing my feed back about after I finish reading it.

Almost an hour or so left for the gate to open.

So we went to sit near the gate.

Chatted a little with friends and family.

Then time to go in ;p 

Went in .. sat a little until the crew started to call us by the order of the seats.

We're in :P 

EK - 404 -
Dubai to Singapore/Melbourne (Australia)
About 17 hours

I don't remember what meals they gave us exactly but they were all good ;p
And the snack I don't know about because I fell a sleep after the first meal xD 

First I finished watching :

Here comes the boom 

It was good I guess.

After that I watched Hotel Transylvania

I liked it .. It was pretty funny !

I woke up couple of times because of the annoying kid who wouldn't stop crying !!

Then after 5 hours - I think-  I was really up

Ate lunch I guess and rewinded the rest of the film that I slept while it was running xD

The flight was about 10 hours 

I got a gift in that flight as well ;p

I was still dizzy when a cute girl from the crew came to wish me luck in my studies.
Apparently she was talking with my mom when I was  a sleep.

She said goodbye as we were going out.
As well as the young man from the crew

After that we had to stop at Singapore airport.

They let us down to clean the airplane and change the crew

So we went out into the airport 

Got into the rest rooms to freshen up.

I've noticed they had recycle bins that looked amazingly interesting.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them.

But I found the pic in google :P

I liked the idea of it.

After maybe 30 min the gate opened again

They asked us to show our visa with the passports 

And Off we went ;p

Next Post 

The rest of the Flight 


Hello Australia ;p

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