Off to Australia p4

So here we are again. 
Heading to Australia, Melbourne Tullamarine Airport to be precice. 

In this flight I didn't get any sleep 

Instead I watched couple of movies

First movie was : 

Pitch Perfect

That was ok Not a must to see -.-

And the second movie was :

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Now that movie I liked 
It had a nice story
And interesting to watch.

Of course they brought us meals that I don't remember now :p
But they were all delicious.
Including the snacks.

When the movies were over 
Not much time was left to see another movie.

So I just watched some TV series like : 

2 Broke Girls
The big bang theory
And some disney series as well

We arrived earlier than expected to Melbourne

I think the flight was meant to be there at 8:35 AM

And we landed at 8:05 AM

If I wasn't mistaken.

Any ways before we land they gave us this yellow slip of paper.
An English one .. but this is an arabic one for the arabic readers :p
And the future Scholarists ;p

We finally got off the plane.

We went and took our luggage.
Guides and Help are all over.
And also there are some people who come and ask you if you have any food
or anything from the list that you checked in.
And after that they stamp on your yellow card.

Long line to wait until our turn is up.

After the Australians were in they opened another path for us 

Now any citizen could go to national or the Australian row.

They ask you couple of questions like the one  
written in the card.

Compare your passport pic to you :p

And let you in.

If you had an online passport that didn't show.
They take you to a counter next by them just to check and then let you in.

On your way out of the luggage and passport area they take the yellow card from you.

If you need any help you could ask the counter with the volunteers 

They are actually for universities but they come and ask you 

If you need any help or assistance even though your not a student.

After that we bought a sim card and went for breakfast at Nando's 

until the bus came since I need to go to 

Bendigo Airport Station

After we finished eating breakfast.

We went just out the airport to where the bus is going to come and waited there.

The Bendigo Airport Station Bus arrived

We bought a ticket and off we went.

It was a 2 hour trip till the station.

The bus driver called a taxi so we could go home.

Yaay finally arrived.

Took a shower to freshen up.

Then went out to open an account and enroll at Tafe.

Then home to sleep !! 

That's all folks ;p

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