Group Story

Hello again,
So today I'm going to show you some of our school work.
Hopefully you're going to see more of it in the future.
I know I'm late in posting thats kind of being a usual thing for regular readers of this blog.
But I'm really trying my best to manage my time to post when I can or at least prepare a post and time it.
So let me tell you what we do in Group Stories :
We have to create a story containing the pictures that are given.
We are usually a group of 3 or 4.
And we have to use all of the pictures but in any order we choose.
Also sometimes we need to use some grammer structures that were given.
Lets start!
The pictures given are :
- A Gun
- A bunch of flowers
- A Spider
- A house near the ocean
One day as I was passing by a house near the ocean,
 I saw a guy asking for help.
I was scared when I saw him because he was drenched in blood.
Apparently he was in a gun fight.
Although I was terrified by the way he looked,
I quickly called the police for an ambulance.
After 15 minutes an ambulance arrived and took us to the hospital.
As soon as we arrived at the hospital,
the doctor took him to surgery to remove the bullet.
I bought him a bunch of flowers to give to him when he came out.
When I gave him the flowers,
he screamed as loud as he could and threw the flowers on the floor.
All the doctors and nurses gathered to see what was wrong.
Apparently there was a huge spider on the flowers.
Now the spider was injured too and I got thrown out of the hospital.
This was written by :
Eh Mwee Say
Kawaka Tu

11Feb 2013

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