Group Story 2

Like the previous post that I've linked above
 this is a new story that we've written as a group

If your new to this then let me tell you what should we do.
We have to create a story containing the pictures that are given.

The pictures given are : 

- A Castle
- An Umbrella
- A glass of wine which we used as glass of water
- A Crying Lady

Late one night while the family was eating dinner in the castle, 
they heard someone knocking hard on the front door. 
The lady of the house ordered the servant to open the door. 
She saw a little boy fainted on the floor, soaked in rain water with a broken umbrella next to him. Suddenly the servant ran back to the lady and asked her to come with her to the door. 
The lady felt sad for him and told the servant to carry him inside the castle and get him warm. 
She stayed next to him till morning. After he woke up, she gave him some food and a glass of water. He told her his story, it was so sad that the lady started to cry.

This was written by :
Kwaka Tu
Eh Mwee Say

On Feb. 18th 2013

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