Rants / Suggestions

Hi again, 

its been a while since i last posted something 

especially personal posts, rants, some of my writings, etc... 

I have been busy lately and every time I decide to write something new

something new comes up. 

So apparently I've been postponing posts for a year or so, 

since i started university basically.

This post is all about ranting ;p

I thought to share some of my ideas as well of what I'm hoping to start writing again since I really do miss blogging.

These are my thoughts of future posts:

1. Life as an abroad student in Australia 

    - Tips , do's and don'ts
2. How my university is , the study of Pharmacy basically.
3. Easy recipes maybe that every lazy student could do.
4. Im sharing what I write in Insatagram and Twitter ( favorite)  but not posting them here - the new ones- so I thought to post those here as well, as a reference to me so all my writings could be in one place as well to all of you readers - if I have any now - :/ xD
5. Im still happy to post advertisements for anyone who would want / like me to put up an add for them but the project should be in Kuwait or in Gulf Countries. 

You could reach me here in the comments below 
or click on the contact button on the upper Left.
As well as direct message me on Instagram / Twitter 

6. I want to post a list of the books I bought this year.
7. My reviews of the books that I have already read.

Thats about it. This is whats on my mind right now.

If you have any suggestions write them bellow 

Thank you ;$

ps: Im thinking to change the theme .. Im starting to dislike the dark background wanting something more light, bright and cheerful.

Tell me what you think   

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Twitter: @KatkootaxD

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