Apparently I've changed the blog's theme

I was thinking of changing it long time ago

I felt that it's time to have a brighter one a theme that isn't so dark anymore

But yet it was never meant to choose this theme.

I only wanted to inlarge it to see it clearly and ended up with this by mistake.

I'm not having much time to check on the blog everyday nor to write something new as I wish to do.

So I thought to just leave the theme as it is for now and use the time I get free to write something as I'm supposed to do.

So this will be the new theme till the unknown and since it's a basic theme from blogger I might mix it up from time to time xD just so I won't get bored with it.

Yup and that's it for now.

My next post - hopefully gonna post it this week- will be about the books I bought from the book fair this year.

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