The ideal dream

A Dream of a little girl

          Being  a mother was always her ideal goal since she was a five year old. She used to dress up in a beautiful gown that was made for her birthday party and put the table peice on her head then walked slowly towards her prince.
          Now that she was pregnant with her first child, she couldn't feel more blessed. She already had a handsome prince who gave her the most beautiful wedding she could ever ask for. It literally was a fairytale  wedding. The hall front door was covered in white roses as well as the ceiling from inside with crystal chandliers that had crystal ropes coming down from them. The carpet was velvet red just as she always wanted and a huge three layer cake that had three layers inside, chocolate, red velvet - ofcourse - and vanilla between each and every layer. It was all covered with a white coating and petals.

          This pregnancy was a bit unexpected since they had been trying for several years with no result. It was Dr. Felicia who made them dare to dream again about having a little one. A friend of Melissa recommended them to see her because a lot was said about her being good in discovering the problem and treating it. At first Melissa hesitated but Peter her husband encouraged her to go. At the end, what could she loose ?!

           After six months of treatment and five years of waiting Melissa was finally pregnant ! She was shopping with her sister when she fainted and after some blood tests she took to check, she really was pregnant ! You can't even imagine how overjoyed she was. The first thing she did was of course call her beloved husband and shout the words " I'm pregnant" as loud as she could. He was over the moon as well. Their dream of a happy little family was yet to come true.
To be continued ...
Maybe :P

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