Group Story 6

As the couple previous posts, this is w new short story we wrote at school .

This time we had the pictures of :
- An Alligator
- A Clock ( 10 to 2 p.m )
- Matches
- Money
An alligator was all he wished for to complete his farm.
He had already managed to have snakes,
kangaroos and paultry but he always wanted alligators. 
This was his chance, since James was invited to an alligator farm by his friend.
There was going to be a display and the farmers would bid on the one they wanted the most.
 He got up warly the next morning and the first thing he did was light up a cigarette with a match
. It was 10 to 2 when James left to go to the auction.
 There he saw the most extravagant alligator he had ever seen in his life.
 James, right away new that this was his pick and he went for it.
The bids on that alligator were really high
, luckily James bid all his money on it and won.
He finally got the alligator that he wished for.
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